Among the special oxidations that Mochem offers to its customers is the oxidation of titanium.

This is a type of anodizing that, in the same way as treatment for aluminum, is performed on titanium and its alloys.


Titanium anodizing is a very subtle treatment and is typically used to impart surface coloring to artifacts. Mochem Industrie performs nanometer coloring in gold, blue and violet.


Die casting hard anodizing

Die-casting alloys generally lend themselves poorly to natural and hard anodizing processes because, due to their composition and microstructure, they generally tend to grow a precarious, dusty and thin anodic oxide.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to perform anodizing cycles on die-cast components (on alloys with up to 2% copper) for which we always recommend a sampling phase to best define the process and final treatment yield.


Anodizing on additive alloys (3D printing)

Recently materials evolution and process technologies has enabled a strong development of components made by additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.

Among these, in the area of metallic materials, those made from aluminum alloy powders (AlSI10Mg – AlSi7Mg) play a key role. From the advantage of creating complex geometries and prototypes quickly, however, follows the disadvantage of a microstructure unsuitable for traditional anodizing processes.

Through careful consulting with our Customers and sampling with optimized anodizing cycles, Mochem is now able to treat these types of components with natural and hard anodizing as well.


Anodic oxidation special anti-staining process on Ergal

For 7000-series alloys (such as Ergal 7075), which following natural anodizing may be susceptible to spotting and streaking due to the microstructure of the starting material, we perform a special anodizing process to obviate the streaking that mars the aesthetics of the component.


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