Installations and laboratory

Mochem has 5 production lines distributed over an area of 6000 square meters thanks to which it is able to process components of very different sizes: for lengths up to 3700 mm, a depth of 1500 mm up to a maximum weight of 500 Kg.

In order to guarantee a high quality service, Mochem Industries has equipped itself with an internal laboratory where it weekly verifies the values of solutions used in treatments and is equipped with different instruments to qualitatively analyze processes: from microscopes and durometers, up to the instrumentation for metallographic preparation to study the oxide in section.


Corporate internal analysis and monitoring

Thickness measurement

Mochem Industries performs thickness measurement of the oxide grown by the nondestructive eddy current method (ISO 2360).

Certified thickness gauges are used and certificates of conformity of the treatment performed are issued upon request.

Measurement of surface hardness

Through appropriate metallographic preparation, Mochem Industries is able to study the section of the anodic oxide grown to assess its quality and measure its thickness and Vickers microhardness.

These tests are destructive and involve cutting the part using a cut-off machine, embedding it in resin to create a test specimen, and final polishing with abrasive papers and cloths to highlight the oxide section.

Thanks to many years of experience, Mochem Industrie is able to give comprehensive technical answers on so many anodizing issues.

Chemical analysis of baths

Mochem carries out daily and weekly specific analyses, aimed at keeping process solutions in optimal conditions at all times.

Internally we perform concentration analysis, temperature and PH measurement of each individual bath.

Environmental impact of the company

Aiming to make its own contribution to saving energy from non-renewable sources, Mochem has invested in a photovoltaic system of more than 600 panels on an area of about 2000sqm, which will be activated in early 2023.


Supplier certificates and qualifications


Mochem Industries, with its use of technologically advanced machinery and its focus on efficiency, achieved ISO9001 certification on quality management systems in early 2022.



Membership in Aital (Italian Association of Aluminum Surface Treatments).


We are associated with Confindustria Emilia Area Centro.

Mochem Industries is qualified and certified to carry out anodizing treatments on components of main entities in th Military, biomedical, Motosport, Formula 1 Fields.


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