Mochem was founded in 1987, employing a workforce of 30 units
between chemical engineers and factory/office workers.
Four different production lines.

special surface treatments

hard oxidation

Hard oxidation

The purpose of thick anodic hard oxidation is to make aluminium and aluminium alloys highly wear- and abrasion-resistant with a skin hardness of approximately 400/600 Vickers, according to the... [Continue]

protective oxidation

Natural protective oxidation

Natural and/or protective oxidation is a process to which aluminium and aluminium alloys can be submitted to turn them into their corresponding aluminium oxides - ensuring corrosion protection... [Continue]

oxidation process

Special oxidation process

SEMI-HARD OXIDATION • in this oxidation process, higher wear-resistance is required compared to natural oxidation. The result is also lighter in colour than the usually darker hard oxidation colours... [Continue]

vehicle protection

Racing vehicle protection

Increasingly often, the mechanical part oxidation specifications that we are given specify that threads, flat surfaces and holes should be protected and only very specific areas should be anodised... [Continue]